Voice Over Workshop Intensive and Demo

Kate Hart and Lisa Melinn teach voiceover workshops that result in a finished demo at the end of the six to eight week course depending on the size of the class.


Born in Detroit, Kate began singing the Blues, commonly called “music that heals the soul”. The great women blues, R&B and rock singers of the era such as Maggie Bell, Bonnie Bramlett and Genya Raven influenced her to just up and audition for her first band in 1968. She scored the gig but shortly thereafter ran off to Chicago for siren call of the hardcore blues of everyone from Koko Taylor to Muddy Waters, Denise LaSalle and Irma Thomas. She came back briefly to Detroit in 1972 to record the single "Syncopated Love" for Stag Records.

Hart headed west, eventually ending up in the Northwest where she would form the acclaimed all-star revue Seattle Women in 1985. By that time she was being acknowledged with a number of awards and in 1990 released her Grammy-nominated debut solo album, Tonight I Want It All. In 2000 she released the appropriately-titled Queen of the Night to positive reviews along with the double Grammy-nominated rock album Lucy Mongrel featuring her alter ego.

Hart returned home to Detroit in 2002 where she once again, quickly established herself and convened the award-winning group Detroit Women, garnering 26 Detroit Music Awards along with her group and solo work being realized as two of the artists, who have influenced the Detroit music/scene in the last 100 years. Besides her numerous musical projects, she has pursued acting and writing (her play We Are Not Good Girls toured to sell-out crowds) as well as entrepreneurship with a line of women's products.

Along with music being a huge part of her life, Kate's journey on the path of spirituality, began when she was ten, the year being 1961. This was about the time her mother became interested in astrology, numerology, esoteric studies, chiropractic’s, card readings, health food and supplements. She was exposed to astrology used in comparative analysis for similarities of ancient civilizations, eating healthy, Dr. Price's writings and much more. Kate said that the gift her mother gave her was the gift to think out of the box and to know that what was being taught in school wasn't the whole picture of how life might really work.

With music taking up most of her time, Kate didn't get back to actively pursuing spiritual matters until 1989. This was a time of exploration and re-defining who she was and what she had to offer. The journey encompassed either training in or becoming the recipient of many healing modalities including, Acupuncture, Energy work, Rolfing, Re-birthing, many forms of massage, Gem/stone therapy, Reiki, Jungian astrology, Alexander Technique, Yoga, Kabbalah, Pathworking, King Solomon Healing Modalities, Eating for your blood-type, Core voice work, Course of Miracles, Volunteering, Working with Drug Affected Babies, Voice Training and more.

While still touring and garnering awards for her recordings and live performances, Kate began to teach voice, voice over instruction, connecting to core voice and more. As her teaching practice became highly successful along with her studio, Holistic Voice Institute, she realized that giving back as a teacher was a much more meaningful lifestyle than pursuing playing live music. She quickly became the “go to” voice coach for contemporary music, which led her to teaching as many as 17 students a day. Because of this intense schedule, Kate quickly saw what a difference it made to all ages to connect to the real voice. Shifts in confidence and health were more typical than not which lead to a natural progression into working with sound as a healing modality. Through her studies of ancient cultures and writings, Kate discovered frequencies that are related to ascension work. She has taken not only these frequencies, but the divine tones of the Solfeggio Scale and created powerful, healing music. Along with her own compositions, she has added rare antique Himalayan singing bowls from the 16th and 17th century, monoloni, bells, and throat singing.

Awards and Accomplishments

  • Launched Michigan's only Voice Over Talent site
  • Numerous workshops for meditation and healing.
  • Owner of the Holistic Voice Institute
  • Owner of Michigan Center for Sound Healing
  • Creator of the first healing music downloadable Website,
  • Published close to 100 compositions for healing.
  • 2009 Nominated Detroit Music Award Best Blues Recording
  • 2008 Strut Magazine recipient for best group
  • 2007 Nominated for 10 Detroit Music Awards.
  • Winner of the 2004, 2005 & 2006 Detroit Music Awards for Outstanding Rhythm and Blues Band, Outstanding Rhythm and Blues Recording and Outstanding Live Performance.
  • Nominated for a collective 28 Detroit Music Awards - Recipients of 23.
  • 2006 Tour filmed for documentary with Emmy-Award-winning director.
  • 100 million households.
  • 2005 - Detroit Music Awards recipient for Outstanding Blues Songwriter.
  • 2004- Detroit Music Awards recipient for Outstanding Blues Songwriter and nominated for Outstanding Blues Vocalist.
  • Performed at the Superbowl for the NFL owners and players!
  • Performed National Anthem on Fan Appreciation Day for the Detroit Tigers.
  • After one year after moving back to Detroit, included as one of the influential musical artist in the Metro times 100 year musical genealogy chart.
  • Featured in national publications such as Living Blues Magazine, Blues Revue Magazine, Blues Wax and Blues Beat.
  • Featured on one-hour television show with Olympic Figure skating and Christmas tree lighting in Detroit.
  • Took part in national women's charity event and included in upcoming women's feature film.
  • Partnered with film company, Streetlamp Studios.
  • Signed with Silk City Records
  • Penned and starred in play, We Are Not Good Girls, which ran in major theatres in Detroit and Seattle.
  • Featured on Nationally Syndicated Radio shows and receiving airplay all over the world.
  • Endorsement deal with "Dancing Dingo" all natural beauty products, with a personalized name/flavor lip balm.
  • Launched "Detroit Women" clothing line along with national merchandising campaign mentored by NGI who also handle Dolly Parton, Wynonna, Alan Jackson and Garth Brooks.
  • Added to the Detroit Public Library's catalogue of music.
  • Artist of the Week - 2003 Detroit News.
  • Bulldog Award - 2001 Performer of the Year.
  • 1999 Women's Leadership Award
  • 1997-2007 - Penned / featured in Blues musical, We Are Not Good Girls.
  • NAMA Awards - 1992 Recipient for Best Blues Recording.
  • NAMA Awards - 1992 Recipient for Best Blues Band.
  • Muddy Awards - 1991 Best Female Blues Singer.
  • Formed Seattle Women
  • 1972 National release of Syncopated Love
  • 1971 Only white artist to sign with Stag Records